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Class routine / time table is one of the key factor for every schools to schedules their classes. This article explains how to add periods, routines in SchoolTime. Admin type users in the SchoolTime has the privileges to carry out scheduling the classes.

Note : Subjects & Teachers must be created before this. For the first time signing schools, SchoolTime has one default subject and Teacher to help understand how to achieve this.

  • Click on Academics in the primary menu 

  • SchoolTime will take to period page by default, for newly signed schools, there will be one record provided already. 

  • Click on the Plus button in the red circle on the bottom right corner 

  • This will enable one row in the table where you can enter the period name 

  • Enter the name, select start time, end time, and click the Tick mark in the Action column 

  • The sequence of the periods can be re-arranged by dragging the rows within the table 

  • Add as many periods as per your school, and arrange them in order. This same order will appear in the class routine page

  • Click on the Routine/time table in the secondary menu, in the page, select the class, and section for which you want to schedule, and click on View Time Table button 

  • Click on the Subject and select one from the list, and then select the Teacher. Assign for the days that are applicable to you.

  • After assigning, you can confirm the schedule by clicking on "View Time Table" again. 

  • That's it. You have concluded the schedule. And the attendance can now be marked accordingly.

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