Release notes for School Time Beta Version

Release date: 04-May-2015

Resolved Bugs:

MANAGE LANGUAGE: Typo mistake of "Choose" in the Note at the header

EXAM GRADE: Consistency missing

LIBRARY: Inconsistency in Description and Author fields on Add Book and Edit Book forms.

LIBRARY: Price field accepts invalid data on Add Book page.

LIBRARY: Hint text missing from the Description field on 'Add Book' form.

TEACHER: Proper space should present between 'Bulk upload teacher' button and 'Add new teacher' button.

TRANSPORT: Position of radio button on Add Vehicle button is not proper.

SUBJECT: Add Subject Page Name mismatch

TEACHER: DOJ not appearing after save /update

SUBJECT MAPPING: Check once Select spelling

TRANSPORT: Create and manage transportation routes

SUBJECT: Mapping of subjects to classes

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