SchoolTime is the only ERP application which has introduced a single button to automatically set up the entire ERP software in one click - for CBSE Affiliated Schools. This is exactly as per the CCE guidelines provided by the board. 6 months of effort reduced to a single click. SchoolTime also generates beautiful CBSE report cards automatically. Isn't that amazing!?

As you login to SchoolTime for the first time, the QuickHelper shows you the CBSE Auto-setup button. 


If you are really sure that you want to automatically set up your SchoolTime as per CCE standards, go ahead with your confirmation. 


Once you have pressed "Yes, Continue", within a few seconds your SchoolTime automatically configures your ERP, for you to go live. Following areas are that are set up automatically, off course you can always Edit these settings by yourself. 

Subject Categories of Scholastic and Co-Scholastic are created automatically.


Many of the common Subjects are also created. Off course you can delete those subjects which your school does not offer, or add new subjects in addition. 


The Grading system is completely auto set up as per CCE guidelines. These include creation of Terms, Grading Type, Exam Settings, Exam Calendar -all of which are also editable for changes. 


SchoolTime's Proprietary  FORMULATOR, is also configured to automatically set up the calculations for Grades and Points with respect to FA, SA and Final Assessment. Even the CGPA formula is automatically set up into the system. 


SchoolTime's beautiful Gradebook is also auto complete with provision for you to check the results of each and every student for every exam and term, and even the Final Results. Note that the results are available only after you have conducted an examination and given marks against each subject to every student. 


Check out samples of CBSE Report cards that are automatically generated by SchoolTime.

Term Progress Report

Final Progress Report