SchoolTime admin type users are the intended audience for this article. This article explains how to schedule/carry out the online examination/quiz within SchoolTime.

  • Login as admin user
  • Click Examination menu

  1. Create the Question Bank.
  • Select Online Exam in the secondary menu.
  • If this page is visited for the first time, the screen like below will appear

  • Question Bank is the page where you can add the set of questions to a particular class/batch and its specific. Select the proper values, and click on the red plus button (on the bottom right corner) to add set of questions.
  • The questions can be added either one by one or via CSV upload


  • Adding Questions one by one: Click Add Question and you will see a window like this

  • The above image is added with a sample question of MCQ (Multiple Choice Question) which has One Answer among Four (Note one of fore selected on the top). The question is written and four options are provided. In the third row, the correct answer to the question is also chosen, and the comment is also added.

  • Click Save button. You will be notified with a message and will be displayed like. Note : if the question is not displayed, please click the View Question button again

  • To edit the question: Please click the Question title and you will see a window like this

  • Click the pencil icon (in red circle) to edit the question. And change the values accordingly. Click on the Tick icon to Save. the changes.

  • Bulk Upload of Question : carry out the steps below to upload questions in bulk. Clicking Bulk Upload will open a window like this

  • Download the sample file, fill your questions accordingly. Below is the format of the file. Questions for all the classes, all the subjects, can be created once and then imported

2. Create Quiz
  • Once the list of questions are ready, you can create a calendar to schedule the quiz.
  • Click on Quiz Menu. Refer below

  • Click on plus button to create new quiz. Window will open like below. Fill the values suits you.

  • According the image above, From the question bank set, random of 5 questions will be shown to each student that attempts this quiz from the chosen class and section. The quiz will be allow the students to key in their answers not more than 30 mins(duration).
Once the quiz is saved, it will listed as Inactive by default. It has to be manually changed to Active state so that the user can see it in their portal.

Now that quiz and questions are created independently, they have to be mapped. Go back to the Question Bank page, and select the list of questions that has to be assigned to the Quiz. Then click on the button that appears on the bottom

Click the button will open window like this

Select the quiz name and click Assign Question. The quiz can be active only when the number of questions created are assigned to it.

That's it. The quiz is now created. Students can now answer them in their portal. The answers or attempts will be shown in the Quiz Result page.