This article is meant for SchoolTime admin users that have signed up with LabsMobile (signup link), and willing to use it as the default SMS gateway within SchoolTime.

The steps are as follows

  • Login as Admin User
  • Click on Communication menu, and then select Setting in the second level menu (refer image below)

  • Click on SMS tab 

  • Scroll down the page to locate Labs Mobile card from the list

  • Click on LabsMobile, there will be data enabled on the top of the page that allow you to enter the data relevant to this SMS gateway

  • Fill in your User Name, Password, you can type any number to verify the number (prefix the number with the country code), Save the data first, and then you can verify the Test SMS. The Activate Checkbox makes this as default SMS Gateway.

  • Once the data is saved, LabsMobile will appear with green background on top of the list.

  • All your text notifications hereafter will be sent via this gateway.