1. It is not mandatory to have valid student email id. You can create dummy (unique) email ids for students, like stu1@gmail.com, stu2@gmail.com.

Note: Switch off the student activation email settings if you are using dummy email ids. This will reduce the bounce reputation of your domain. (Check this screenshot, https://yadi.sk/i/RAeFEHjJsYWKz)

2. Use the bulk upload option to upload all student information in one go. An excel/CSV template is available for download in the app which will make it very clear for you to understand the minimum data in the sheet. (check this screenshot https://yadi.sk/i/5LLx8aNtsYVmw) Or you can export records from your legacy system, just add dummy email id in a new column, and upload. You can upload other users like parents, teachers in the same way.

3. When students are uploaded, click on any student from the student list. A TPL opens which has a parent tab. If you have already uploaded parent record, search and tag one or more parent to each student. (check this screenshot https://yadi.sk/i/e2HWVsqPsYVwy)

Note: SchoolTime allows you to tag 

  1. more than one parent to a single student
  2. more than one student to a single parent
  3. more than one student to more than one parent.