SchoolTime Setup Guide Part 4

Part 4: Day 4 - Finale

Already competed: By this time you should have already completed the basic settings and created all types of users in your system, created Subjects and TimeTable, and set up your communication systems. You have also, set up Fees, Invoices, and activated Payment Gateway. Link to Day 3 is here


SchoolTime's Examination module is the most flexible system designed to accommodate any type of Grading System and examination pattern followed by Institutions around the world. 

Term/Semester &  Grading Type

  • Split up your Academic Session into Terms or Semesters. You can even assign weightage to the Semester, else keep it at 100%.
  • Navigate to Grading Type, and choose a type of either Numeric or Grade based on what your Institution follows.
  • You can create different Grade Types even for different Subject Categories. Refer Image below.

  • Click the Blue + Button to add more marks range. 
  • For Numeric Type, you can provide a marks range and a description for that range like, Distinction, First Class, etc.
  • Add the Grade by giving it a name.

Exam Settings
Here you create examinations which are conducted for every Term/Semester. You can choose the Grading Type for this Exam, which was previously created by you. You can even add a weightage to this Exam, or keep it at 100%. Multiple Classes can be tagged to this exam to avoid creating several examinations for the entire Institution. Save the Exam.

Exam Calendar
Here you can choose the exam created by you in the previous step and create a date and time for the examination to be conducted on. Teachers responsible to conduct the exam can also be indented here against each examination. Publish the Exam.


  1. Create formulas to calculate the final results. 
  2. You can create formulas for Terms, Exams or the Final Assessment.
  3. Select the Term, then select the Exam. Use a mathematical symbol from the calculator like + and select another exam.
  4. Put them under brackets, then multiply them with a weightage or %age to arrive at the final calculation. 
  5. Save the Formula by giving it a Name.

Note: When you process results for a particular exam, the attached formula will automatically calculate scores of every student.

Manage Marks

When the examination has been conducted, Teachers can now select the particular Class, Exam to enter the marks achieved by each student. The scores are automatically calculated by the system based on the Formulator and all other Settings under Examination module. 

Process Results

Administrators can now Process the Results of every student whose marks have been entered by the Teachers. The results are published and available for viewing in the respective Student/Parent Login. A tabulated result sheet can also be seen by the Institution from the Reports menu.

 Outcome Day 4: Finale
By this time, your system is 100% set up and functional. However, notice that you and your users have already been using the system even without having to wait for the Finale.