Noticeboard allows the institutes to communicate with Parent, Teacher, or Student. The communication could be of anything (Holiday, Annual event, etc.,). This articles explains how to use this feature in SchoolTime. Admin user of SchoolTime can use this feature to send such notices. The other users will receive it in their logins.

How to Send a Notice

  • Login as Administrator.

  • Click on Communication icon from the Dashboard.

  • Or, click on communication option from Main menu

  • Then click on Pencil icon on the bottom right corner.

  • Notice Board page will appear now.



  • This sample image has the list of notices that were already sent to the users. By default, this will not have anything listed.

  •  Fill the data as per the fields.           


    • Title : Title of the notice. Let this be short.
    • Notice: Details about the notice. Here the full details about the event/notice can be explained
    • Type: Choose if the is it Holiday Announcement or any other Notice
    • Notice To : This allows the admin user to pick the recipients of the notice.Shall be sent to "All" users of SchoolTime that comprise of Parent, Teacher, and Student. It can be restricted to "Parent/Student" or internal staffs alone. When the parent/student is chosen, the admin shall further narrow it to a particular class/standard (batch) and to its section.
    • Alert Type: 
      • Android App : The SchoolTime users are expected to have downloaded the app from the play store, and logged in at-least once with the credentials of SchoolTime. Such users are expected to received push notifications via GCM (Google Cloud Messaging)
      • SMS : Provided that school has configured the SMS gateway (Refer Nexmo), and the mobile numbers are captured correctly for the Parents, Students and Teachers, those users are expected to receive the Title of the notice as the message in their phones.
      • Email: Assuming that the institute has configured the Mailing System, choosing this option sends the mail about the notice to all the proper email ids based on the selection.
      • Event Date: As the label tells it is the date on which the event / notices applies.
    • Save & Add :  Saves the current data and allows the user to add another notice (the Alerts also sent as chosen)
    • Save & Exit : Saves the data and gets back to the list page (The alerts also sent as chosen).
  • You can choose Alert Types APP ,EMAIL and SMS.Then click on Send option.

That's it. Notice is published! 

Thank you!