• Login as Administrator.
  • Click on 'Manage Attendance' icon from the dashboard

  • Or click on Operation module,which is in main menu.

  • Then click on 'Daily Attendance' option.
  • Apply proper filters And click on Manage Attendance.
  • Now the student list will be shown; select the students and then mark the relevant options.
  • .
  • It prompts for the confirmation

  • Click Yes, and now the records will be updated and listed as below

  • This is it. Now attendance are marked.

Note : The below conditions must be met to mark attendance (This does not applicable for Daily Once attendance type).

  1. Student must be exist in the relevant class and section and they must be active
  2. Time table must be created for the class and section
  3. Time table must be created for the day in which the attendance is being marked.