How to admit/enroll/add Students?

Students can be added by admin type users only. The student list page can be viewed by the following ways.
  • By Clicking the Student in the shortcut icon 

  • Or, by clicking, Settings primary menu, Users secondary menu. By default Students will be selected in the tertiary menu 

  • Click on the plus icon on the bottom right corner 

Every Screen now has a button like below at the bottom right corner.

This one floating button when clicked gives you multiple options to add new students. Same applies to add other types of users. 

Clicking that button shows some more buttons like below

Add Student button, and bulk upload button are now displayed. Click on Add Student button.

Clicking this will open a new window . User can fill as minimal as information required in this screen, or can expand by clicking "Fill More Information" and update complete data.

Note: if the class/section needs to be created newly, please click on the plus icon in blue circle to add it on the fly.

Added student will be listed in the grid.

By default, the student is Inactive, the student can be made active by clicking the check box before the name, that will provide two more buttons above the + icon in the red circle

Clicking the Tick circled button will Activate the student. The student will receive his login credentials in this email.

Another way of activating the student by changing the status in the edit window. Without checking the box before the name, click anywhere in that row, it would open something like below. Click on the power icon to activate the student

That's it. The students are not enrolled to the class and section.