Parent data can be added by the admin type user only. There are three ways to add parent/guardian data.

  1. Bulk Upload (from CSV)
  2. Add single parent
  3. From Student Edit page
To upload from CSV or to add single parent, follow the steps below. 
  • Click Settings, Choose Users and select Parent 
  • The screen above already lists all the parents that are added in the system.
  • Click the Plus icon in the red circle, that will provide two more options as below

  • First option of that is to add individual parent, and the second one is to upload with the CSV.

  • Click the Add Parent to see the window as follows

  • Minimum of Name, and Email ID needed to add a parent data in the system, it is also possible to fill more details, by clicking Fill More Information, and click Save

  • Once parent is added, it will be displayed in the grid.

  • The parent has to be activated to provide them access to the portal. Select the users with the checkbox that would enable two more buttons above the + icon in the red circle. Click the tick button to Activate them. These users will receive email with the login credentials to the portal

That's it. Parents' data is now added in the system.