What is Academic Session?

Listen to this. 

Every School, College or Training Centre needs to identify the current year with an Academic Session which is similar to a Financial Year in Accounting Terms. This helps you and the system to identify a cycle for your academic institution. This may span a Year or half a year or even a Quarter, depending on your standards. SchoolTime provides you with this flexibility to chose the span as per your standards. All students are then mapped to this Academic Session. While promoting the students to the higher class, you will create a new Academic Session and map the students to the new Term. For example:

  • K-12 Schools, Colleges, Universities can identify a batch of students with "2015-2016" or " Batch 2015"
  • Training Centres can give a Batch Name like "CPISM Feb 2015".

Academic Session mapping will help you in following ways:

  • Promote Students to next levels, standards, classes, yet maintain their commonality. 
  • Parents, Students, Teachers can get a clear view of student performance based on each Academic Session maintaining history.
  • Migrate students to 3rd party Alumni management tools while retaining their identity. 
  • Get detailed analytics Session wise. 
  • Login as Administrator.
  • Click on Settings.

  • Click on School Settings.

  • And then click on Academic Session.

  • Click on Add Academic Session.

  • Academic session added successfully.