1. SchoolTime is suitable for which type of institutions?

SchoolTime is suitable for all schools. No matter whether you are running a small school or big school or a chain of schools, you can use SchoolTime. Not just this, it suits of proper management of colleges or other educational institutions too where there is necessity of proper management of everything. Suitable for Pre K-12, College/University, Training Centres, etc.

2. How is SchoolTime different from other School management software present in the market?

SchoolTime is one of its kinds. It has been designed and developed after years and years of research on problems commonly faced by schools across the globe. SchoolTime is an Enterprise Grade universal school management software which is suitable for any school, college or university anywhere in the world.

3. What do you mean by SaaS based software, is this available just online?

SchoolTime is a SaaS based software. When we say it is SaaS based then it means it is online, no need to buy hardware, no infrastructure required, only a basic Internet connection with capacity of minimum 128 kbps speed is required to access and use it.

4. Do you have offline version of the software too or just web based software?

SchoolTime can also be licensed to be deployed at the School’s chosen hosting or Server. However this is available only for Institutions with more than 5000 students.

5. What about the hosting server?

SchoolTime is online software and we host this in our high availability SSD servers guaranteed with 99% uptime.

6. I would like to use my own server, will you install in my server?

Well, we can do that. Please get in touch with us to get more details.

7. What about Data Security?

Your Data is 100% Secured. You will not have to be worried over anything. Data can never be lost or pried on by anyone. We use 7 layers of security and 128 bit encryption to ensure that the servers are impossible to hack.

8. Is there any Data backup facility?

We use sophisticated back up technology as well, so in case of any disaster for the main data centre, your application and data will still be available at a remote secured backup location. No additional charges of back up.

9. I like SchoolTime but still there are a few more features, which I am looking for, what shall I do?

We believe in the philosophy of customer co-creation. You can innovate better than us. Your new feature requests or suggestions can be posted here. Alternatively, Please get in touch with us our software is highly customizable. Anything can be added or deleted at a time.

10. What is the mode of payment?

You can pay online by clicking on upgrade button inside the software. You can pay through debit card, credit card, Net banking etc.

You can pay by bank transfer as well. Please ask us for our Bank details.

11. Can I export the data from the software?

Yes, you can export in to excel, Pdf, Print.

12. Can I import existing data in to your School software?

Well, you can import though Bulk Uploads

13. Is training provided on How to use SchoolTIme?

Yes, Training is provided. Our knowledge base in the software would just be enough for anyone to understand everything about the software but still we provide one-on-one training or webinars to help our customers.

14. Do you provide Support services?

Yes, we do. We provide support services anytime you need. We support our clients through email, Chat, phone call, ticketing system, etc.

15. Do you provide implementation of school data in the software?

Yes, we do. We provide implementation as a service.

16. What are the benefits of SchoolTime?

SchoolTime is of great use to everyone. It is for everyone. It is for administrators, teachers, parents, students, accountants, other staff members etc. there are modules in the software like online fee payment bulk SMS which will help everyone to a great extent.  Please, refer to our page on features to know more about our software.

17. Tell me something about the technology behind this software?

SchoolTime is a software which is being designed and developed by experts. The technology used is PHP and MySQL for Database. A more detailed list of the Technology Stack is available here.

18.  Are there any Hidden charges?

No, there are no hidden charges. You will have to just make the payment as per our agreement.

19.  Can I Resell this software?

No, but you can become our Channel partner. Please contact us for more information

20. Can I have the option to upgrade or downgrade from one plan to other plan once I bought the software?

Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade your software anytime you would like to. However, downgrade refunds are not permissible.

21. Is there a trial version for your SchoolTime?

Yes, we do have full trial version for 15 days.

22.  How long can I use Software?

Well, you can use our SchoolTime software as long as you would like to with no trouble at all. You will have to just renew your plan by making the payment online.

23.  Do you refund money if I do not like your software?

Well, you will certainly like our software. It never has happen with us. We have satisfied clients.

24. Is your software free?

Yes, SchoolTime is free up to 50 students.

25. How many schools are using SchoolTime?

More than 6000 schools worldwide use SchoolTime. Every day 25 new schools signup to get organized better.

    26. Where do I signup for SchoolTime?

SchoolTime Signup page is here.

    27. Is there any mobile app to SchoolTime?

Android app for ShoolTime can be downloaded from here