Following updates and bug fixes are accomplished in this version release:

User Interface (UI) Changes

=========== ===========

Better Looking Modal windows

Modal windows can now be moved

Grading System, Board, Grade Definition added in a single page. They are now working in individual tabs . Hence Menu for Board, and Grade definition is removed.

Class / Section is provided in a single page as multiple tabs (Section Menu item removed).

Table (Grid) look and feel changed on students, teachers

Add/Edit Student - modal window updated

UI elements update on pages - Library, Transport, Dormitory

Add/Edit Teacher - modal window updated 

Subject Map -  form elements updated

Fee Category - form elements updated 

Manage Fee - form elements updated 

Payment Gateway - form elements updated 

Email Gateway - Option to choose the preferred service added

SMS Gateway - Option to choose the preferred service added

Required validation on controls updated

We are working continuously to make SchoolTime as simplified as possible. Please provide your feedback on areas of improvement. We will consider and update if valid.

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