SchoolTime is now integrated with Nexmo, one of the best SMS service providers. This article guides how to configure Nexmo within SchoolTime.

Note: The intended audience for this article are SchoolTime admin users.


It is assumed that the institute has configured Nexmo within SchoolTime. If not Check here.

It is also assumed the phone number are entered in the format COUNTRYCODE followed by MOBILENUMBER (without any other characters). e.g., 919000675658. Note that here 91 is the country code and the rest are the mobile number.

How to send messages?

  • Login as Admin.
  • Click on Communication icon from Dash Board.

  • Or ,click on Communication from  Main menu

  • Click on Settings from sub menu & select SMS option.

  • Select 'Nexmo' & click on the plus mark beside it.

  • Sign up and Enter the details &click on Save option to activate the SMS module

  • Then click on Pencil icon from the bottom right corner

  • Opens up a page as follows
  • This page is intended to communicate to the student / parent / teacher within the institute.
  • Add a Title, details about the notice, choose the type of notice, and select the date
  • Fill the other details, sample of such filled page is displayed as the image below

  • Fill the other details, sample of such filled page is displayed as the image below
  • And choose drop down option to send message to particular departments like students,staff.

Note : Please tick Sms in the alert type.

  • Clicking Send shall add this as notification within the system, and also sends the title as SMS to the chosen users.
  • Below are the sample images of the message delivery in the phone

The above image shows the list of all the messages in which the latest message received from SchoolTime appears on the top. Clicking that message shall be displayed as below.

Note:It is is[Nexmo Demo] because it is configured as demo account in Nexmo. This shall not appear on the live messages.

Congratulations! You now sent an SMS with Nexmo in SchoolTime. Cheers!