SchoolTime is now integrated with Nexmo, one of the best SMS service providers. This article guides how to configure Nexmo within SchoolTime.

Note: The intended audience for this article are SchoolTime admin users.


It is assumed that the institutes signedup with Nexmo and obtained the API Key, and Secret Key that shall be used to send the messages.

How to configure?

  • Click Settings Menu.
  • Click Communication Sub Menu.
  • Click SMS / Email Menu item.
  • The page shall now appear as per the image below.

  • Click on Nexmo to configure it.
  • Enter the API Key, Secret Key Obtained from them.
  • Enter the sender name that is to be appear on the SMS.

Note: The details entered here are for demonstration purpose.

  • Clicking the Create button will complete the configuration and you are good to go.

Congratulations! Now your institute shall send SMS via Nexmo!