SchoolTime simplifies the most tedious and important task of an institute. Collecting the fee by cash and managing them are risky and time consuming job. With SchoolTime, institutes can generate invoices within few clicks, and the parent can pay the fee online. This article covers how to achieve this. Intended users of this articles are the admin users of SchoolTime.


It is assumed that the institute has defined the Fee Category, and Created Fee Details.


  • Click on Operations Menu
  • Click on Invoice menu item
  • The page is split as 3 images for better understanding. 
  • The top portion of the page will look like the image below.This part acts as filters to find the invoices created before. Invoices can also be created from this page if not created from (Save & Generate invoice option) Fee Details page.

ST Invoice Top Page

  • The second half of the page looks like the below image

ST Invoice Middle of the page

  • This page by default lists all the invoices generated so far.
  • User shall apply filters to narrow down to search for particular invoice(s)
  • The column name Status shows whether the invoice is sent to the parent or not
  • The Actions menu has the items as shown in the image below, and the user shall carry out any of the operation from the listed options

  • Bottom of the invoice page looks like below image
  • This shows the number of invoices found, and then the numbers on its right side to see next set of records

ST Invoice Bottom

  • Clicking the button Send_Invoice will send this invoice as email to the selected parent's and student's inbox
  • Clicking Delete will remove the invoice from the list

Below is the sample invoice that is received by the parent.

ST Invoice Mailed Preview

It is as simple as this to send the fee details to the parent/student.