SchoolTime helps the institutes to configure the fee structure according to their standards. There is nothing predefined and everything in SchoolTime is easily configurable. Admin users of SchoolTime are the intended users of this article.

Note : It is assumed the school has created Fee Category prior this.



  • Login as administrator
  • Click Finance from sub menu
  • Click ' Fee' menu i Page similar to the below image shall now appear


Note : This image is captured from a demo school which already had some fee items created. To add a new fee item, click Add Fee. The Add Fee page is split into three images to make the reading easy.

  • After clicking the Add Fee button, the user will be displayed with a new page. Top portion of the page is listed as the first image below.


  • The fields are self explanatory. Enter the name of the fee, select the category, enter the description, if there is any reference code to be used inline with your accounting system enter in the Ref ID field, choose the type of the fee, and select the frequency.


  • If the is applicable to either Transportation, Food, or hostel room, then check the item, and choose one from the respective drop down item
  • Select the academic session to which the fee is applicable
  • Select the board affiliation to which this fee is applicable



  • After selecting the board, the classes that are linked to that board shall be listed, the user is allowed to select one or more classes in it
  • Once classes are chosen, enter the fee amount, and its duration, and last due date, followed by Tax (if there is any configured)
  • After all the inputs the user shall now click Save & Exit or Save & Generate Invoice. 
  • Clicking on Save & Exit shall save the fee structure and will be listed as Draft in the grid (as seen the first image of this article)
  • Clicking on Save & Generate Invoice shall save this data and creates the invoice for every single student on the chosen criteria and then navigates to the invoice page. (Click here to know about invoice)

The fee structure is created as easy as anything.