SchoolTime understands there are various categories of fees that are collected by the schools, for example: Academic, Non-Academic, etc. Defining fees under respective Categories will help the Management understand better on performance of school operations. This article guides how to configure the various categories of fee in SchoolTime. This article is intended for the admin users of SchoolTime.

How to configure?

  • Login as Admin
  • Select 'Finance ' from Main menu & click on Fee menu

  • Click on 'Fee category' option. Page similar to the below image shall now appear.


  • Select 'Manage Fee' option to add fee

  • The school that is used to take this image was having few categories that are already configured as listed. To add new item, click on plus icon from the bottom right corner to add Fee .

  • Opens up a page as follows.


  • Enter the category name, its description, choose the list of board affiliations this fee applicable to, and click on Save & Exit option.

  • The added Fee category will be listed in the list as follows

That simple it is. Your school is now ready to create various fee under this fee category.