Get Rolling within Hours not Years!!

SchoolTime has been designed keeping you in mind. So we know that it will be very easy for you to configure and setup all by yourself. This App has been organized for convenience. As an Admin, your first task is to complete all sections in the Settings Menu. Other users like the Teachers will be able to see only part of Operations Menu. Access for Parents and Students are already predefined, you need not bother about it. Every module you navigate to has an inline contextual help specific to the topic.

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QuickMenu: Provides single click access to most frequently required modules.
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Floating Action Buttons: You will find these action buttons on every screen.
Click them to discover action items relevant to the modules you are working on. Helps declutter the application. 

Part 1 - Day 1:

Settings Menu


System->General Details

Most of the items here are auto populated to save your time. However you can still edit them:

  1. Change the Language of your application.
  2. Chose the student attendance type as per your institution's standards. 
  3. Choose the Start and End dates of your Academic Session. This will keep replicating automatically. 
  4. Enable or Disable Multi School based on your need. Usually required if you have multiple Boards or Branches. 
  5. Change the Logo of your Institution.
Don't forget to click the RED SAVE button at the bottom right corner of the screen.


Click the RED + button to add a new Department like Finance, Academics, IT, etc. Add designations in the next tab, like Principal, Teacher, Vice Principal, etc. 


Click the RED + button to add a new Classes or Batches. Select the Section Tab to add sections if necessary. 


Click the RED + button to add a new Student. You will get 2 new buttons:

  • Add Student - for adding students one at a time.
  • Bulk Upload- to upload a CSV file with all student records. 

Note: If you are migrating from an older system, just export your student records in CSV and upload here. You will get an option of Mapping the relevant fields during the upload. 

Other system users like Teachers, Admins, Accountants, Parents can be added in the same way like students.


  1. Once the student data is uploaded, you need to activate the students which will then automatically send emails to the recipients with their login credentials. The system will use the default admin email to send the notifications which may land up in the SPAM box of the recipients. You may activate a professional email delivery server from the Communication Module to ensure 100% delivery of notifications. Learn How.
  2. By default, the system notifications are switched off. You can enable notifications from the menu available in the Top Right Corner of your Browser. Check the image below. 

Outcome Day 1: By the first day, you have been able to configure the first setup of your ERP system and also provided access to all the users who can now login to their respective portals. 

Part 2: Day2 ->