Perpetual Enterprise License

Perpetual Enterprise License is one of the commercial models on offer which entitles Schools, Colleges & Training Centres to buy the software license by paying a One Time Fee. This license is calculated based on number of students currently with the School and projected growth of students for 3 years. Usually a heavy discount is applied on the final estimate. 

Note: This is not an offering of IP, SchoolTime never sells its IP. Customisations are prohibited except if done by STPL Global or any of its authorised partners at actual effort estimates. Any infringement with the software code is liable for legal action, penalty and void of support policy.

Eligibility: Educational Institutions with more than 5000 students currently are eligible to apply for this licensing model. 

Hosting: The application needs to be hosted by the Educational Institutions themselves.

Implementation: STPL Global or any of this authorised service partners can provide implementation assistance at a fee. This would include installation, set up and configuration of the software. Plus training end users and system administrators to be able to administer the software themselves.