How to Configure Payment Gateways in SchoolTime

Payment Gateways provide your school or institution to offer online fee payments to students or parents. This reduces complexity to track fee payments as schools no longer need to reconcile with their bank reports manually and update invoices. Once enabled, SchoolTime takes are of auto updating invoice status based on either successful or unsuccessful  online payments by students. 

Steps to Configure:

  • Login as Admin or Accountant.
  • Click on Invoice icon from the Dashboard

  • Or , click on Finance from Main menu and select 'Payment Gateway' option.

  • Along with Paypal, Instamojo there are more payment gateways available
  • You can also check the updated list of Payment Gateways as we keep on adding more. 

  • Once you have clicked the Payment Gateway Menu, the following screen will appear. This screen provides a list of all integrated payment gateways

  • Click on your choice of Payment Gateway to open its authorisation menu. If you are not able to locate your choice of Payment Gateway in this screen, click the "Install Module" Button on the Top Right Corner of this page. This button also displays the additional number of pre-integrated Payment Gateways available with SchoolTime. Click on the "Edit" button to enable modifying your authorization credentials. 

Authorization Credentials: You need to contact your choice of Payment Gateway Company to register with them as a merchant. If you are unable to reach out to them, please contact our representatives by raising a ticket or by live chat. We will be glad to help. 

Note: It is advisable to first run the payment gateway integration on Test Mode before going for Live.

  • All relevant Authorisation Credentials will be provided to you by the Payment Gateway company after successful merchant registration. 

Contact SchoolTime representative for any doubt or assistance with this integration. If you do not find your choice of Payment Gateway, do let us know so that we can integrate with it as well.