This article shows the simple steps to add bulk number of students to your 'SchoolTime'. 

Note that as soon as the Students are added they will be in inactive status. When they are activated, an auto email will be sent to the Student's email id with all login credentials. Students will be able to login and see pre-defined screens only which will not expose any confidential information about the school which they are not entitled to. 

New Option: Visit the notification panel to switch on Auto SMS to send login credentials after activation of students. 

How to add bulk students in SchoolTime from Stpl Social on Vimeo.

Please follow the below steps:                                       

  • Go to students page either by clicking the students in quick buttons or from Settings icon in the left side menu, select users in the secondary menu, and choose Students in the tertiary menu.                                     
  • Click on the Plus button in the red circle on the bottom right corner


  • Click it will bring two more buttons above it


  • Click the Bulk Upload.

  • You can download the sample file, and fill your data in that format

  • Click the upload button in window


  • This will now open file select window 

  • Select your file, click Open                                                                                              

  • Status will be shown as file accepted 

  • Click on Upload and Import button

  • This will now take you to field mapping form. This will have few records listed on the top of the page. 

  • Columns from your CSV/excel is listed in the left side of the field mapping, on the right side you are allowed to choose what is the column to be considered as in school time

  • Do the field mapping 

  • Click the Upload Data button.

  • Now students will be uploaded to relevant Class / Section. 

  • Note that when class / section name does not exist in SchoolTime, they will be moved to "Unassigned". Learn how to Assign Students to Class from "Unassigned". 

  • By default these students will be inactive mode, 

  • Select the list of students to activate from the table list 

  • This will make the plus icon in the red to show two more button. Click the tick icon to make them Active. 


  • As soon the students are activated, they would receive email alerts about their login.

Note : while filed mapping you can ignore one or more columns, in the below image, ROLL column from your CSV/EXCEL will be ignored. 

That's it. Students are now imported.