The following are the examples for Class/Batch & Sections

In Colleges

Class(es) Section(s)
Year 1 BSc (Bachelor of Science)
Year 2 BA (Bachelor of Arts)
Year 3 B.Com (Bachelor of Commerce)

In Schools
Class(es) Section(s)
Standard 1 Section A
Standard 2 Section B
Standard 3 Section C

In Training Institutes
Class(es) Section(s)
Java Course Morning 9-11
.Net Course Morning 11-01

How to add:

  • Click on Add Class                                                                                                                                                                                                    
  • Give a name to the Class, Example "Class 1"
  • Map it with a Board or even Multiple Boards. 
  • Click on Add Class to save the details.
  • Move to Next Tab, Click on Add Section. This is optional, if you do not have sections, no need to enter data.